It's All in the Preparation...

The best way to prepare for a sitting is to come with an open mind. Psychic and Mediumship work deals with tuning in to people's energy, so if you are coming in with expectations, you narrow your energy field and actually make it more difficult to receive a good, accurate amount of information.


Also, come with knowledge regarding the background and history of your family. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to validate the information more quickly, and allow for a smoother session. Jeffrey cannot guarantee he will make contact with any particular person, so again, come with an open mind, and without expectations. This will allow your energy field to be more open, and hopefully whoever you might be wishing to contact will be able to come through easily.  A few days before the session, it is a good idea to send your thoughts toward those who you would like to hear from, so they can get ready..  



Jeffrey occasionally experiments with the technique known as psychometry—holding an object of the sitter—to connect to that person's energy. So it is a good idea to bring a piece of jewelry or a watch. However, make sure it is one that you own and not a hand-me-down.  You may also bring an item from a particular deceased relative you wish to contact, as sometimes that will aid with communication.



Come with questions. Be as specific as possible, as it will elicit more of a specific, direct answer. If a question is too general, then likewise, the answer itself will also be non-specific. Questions can be about relationships, career, money, health, or pretty much anything. Just be open to the response. However, in the realm of health, keep in mind that Jeffrey is not a medical intuitive or medical doctor, and cannot prescribe or diagnose any medical condition.


Note also that sometimes an answer may not be forthcoming, depending on the nature or strength of the psychic signal, or if it is not in your best interest to receive such information at this time.


Jeffrey does record his private sittings with a digital voice recorder and offers an MP3 download from the internet afterwards.


Above all, Be relaxed. Be comfortable. And enjoy the sitting.