Jeffrey Marks is a professional psychic and evidential spiritual medium, paranormal researcher, student of psychical research, and award-winning author.


His twenty-five years of metaphysical studies, combined with more than a decade of trying to decode, decrypt, and understand the nature of psychic phenomenon has led to a mind filled with compassion, perception, and an ability to foster the fire of multi-dimensional empowerment within you.


Jeffrey's books are available through Amazon.


Jeffrey honors the natural heritage that is within the mystical Soul and uses this awareness as he works with those in spirit to brings messages of love, peace, healing, and inspiration.

Our loved ones on the Other Side wish us to know they have not just survived, but are also thriving, and that they still love us and watch over us. Jeffrey has been praised for his authentic and humble manner when dealing with the spirits (and clients too); and his down-to-earth and left-brained approach provide a comfortable and accessible perspective for his clients and audience. Each sitting provides an opportunity for both he and his clients to be more Spiritual, to Explore, and to become more Educated.



Jeffrey has attended mediumship training at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College in the United Kingdom, as well as courses with both James Van Praagh and Lisa Williams.

Through his research, Jeffrey has shown that we, as a form of consciousness, exist within a world of Time and Space, yet also beyond it. Scientific studies within the last century have revealed that we have the ability to sense beyond what our five senses have been telling us. Telepathy, clairvoyance, distant mental influence, and mediumship have become verifiable phenomenon through objective research being performed by credible and pioneering scientists – those men and women brave enough to chart such controversial waters.


As these abilities become more accepted by the mainstream, and fact is sifted from fiction (although there will always be cheats and frauds in any organized occupation), the questions will then come as to how we can turn these traits into beneficial means for the advancement of not only the individual, but of the society en masse. These are natural abilities, but we have never been allowed to wholly accept them, much less determine their full effect and potentials.