Heal with those who are in Spirit, and grow in understanding about your own multidimensional Self.

It is only through an open-minded journey of Spiritual Exploration & Education (SEE) that we can discover new horizons and possibilities available to us. Are you willing to take a short hike on the path? What wonders might be learned? And how might it help you heal and grow?

It is through this openness to explore his spirituality that Jeffrey learned the innate reality that we can, indeed, leap the illusory boundaries of the material world and gain glimpses of the beyond. What’s more, those who have passed on do have the ability to reach back “through the veil” and reconnect with us, in an effort to show that life and love are eternal – family and friends never die.



A "sitting" or "reading" with Jeffrey will provide an honest and authentic experience for you to:

  • Reconnect with a lost friend or loved one, with evidential details confirming the link.
  • Gain insight into the nature of your spirit and its evolutionary potential.
  • Find direction on the road to personal healing.

As crazy as that declaration may sound, renegade scientists from as far back as the 1880’s, including Nobel Prize laureates, physicists, and psychologists, came to that same conclusion—in sharp contrast to their peers—based on documented research and reports as gathered by the British and American branches of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR and ASPR). They believed definitive evidence existed for the reality of our loved ones surviving death.

Today, in a world that accepts the unfolding nature of quantum mechanics, non-local reality, and the power of intention having effects outside physical systems, Jeffrey has spent many years studying and researching the continuity of personality after death, how communication works between the different environments, and becoming a conduit for others to again be touched by those who have moved to the Other Side of life.