"It's been almost a month since I got to sit with you and hear about my relatives that have passed.  I am still in awe of that experience.  I hoped to hear about my mom and husband, but you gave me so much more news from other loved ones as well.  It was a comfort to know that my mom and stepfather are together and happy, to hear that they watch over us and see how we are doing... My husband died from health issues and we were not expecting to lose him so soon, but it brings comfort to me and our children knowing that he has no regrets and is with us as well.  I would recommend you to any that are needing that comfort and reassurance concerning any of their loved ones that they've lost... you met all my expectations and brought comfort.  Even showing my loved ones' personalities and their feelings... You mentioned different events going on within my family that my mom and husband have seen us doing that there wasn't any way you would know and that reinforced the belief that they are still with us, even though we can't see them."  - B. Nelson


I had a wonderful session with Jeffrey Marks. He is first a kind a gentle soul, and he is blessed with an amazing gift. So many questions were answered for me during and after our session. I cried, I laughed, and I left with a sense of peace and wholeness. My life is more fulfilled now. Thank you from my heart Jeffrey for sharing your gift. - L. Csiza


"It was amazing to work with you last week!  I was so happy that Skype was working and I got to "see" you hearing/receiving/interpreting and sometimes laughing at the information that my family was passing on to me through you.  They are some pretty funny people and you made it easy to understand who you were talking to by having to say very little; it is fantastic that their personalities are intact in the spirit world!  ... You make the process of talking to your loved ones very comfortable and had told me things that I have not thought about in 30 years.  There were multiple messages that you told me that were things I really needed to hear... You are a true gem!" - G Rita


"Jeffrey -- Meant so much to have my brother come through last night and in such an amazing way.  The car!  The nickname!  His preciseness!  And mostly the love and how he pulled away to let another spirit to come through -- yes, a gracious man.  Thanks again.  All the readings were very moving, and all the best to you!" - Jo Sunderlage


"...My two friends visiting from Santa Cruz were amazed, dazed and totally enjoyed the event!  Thank you so much Jeffrey for your devotion to bringing information about life after death ... We all need to know what is ahead when we have completed our  journey in this dimension." - Norma Menzies, The Blue Bird Club


"I had a reading from Jeffrey and he is fantastic! It is a special gift and he has that gift. He got to my
grandmother and members of my family. That was so cool. I would recommend him highly to anyone
wanting to connect to the Other Side." ‐ Peggy Johnson, Real Estate Agent


"My reading was amazing.  You have a very special gift and I can't tell you how life changing your connection with the spirit world is for people like myself.  You don't know my story and history, but what you said was pretty spot on and provided my daughter and I some healing and closure on the past.  I can't tell you how much differently I look at life.  Amazing!"  - Carrie Kramer


“Jeffrey has an incredible gift in connecting with loved ones who have passed over. He connected with
my mother, my sister and even my cat from the Other Side. He said things that he would have no way of
knowing; the nickname my mother used to call me as a child; how my sister passed; even two very
specific things about my cat. It was comforting to hear from my loved ones and the validation they are
still with me. It was an amazing experience! Already planning my next reading.” ‐ Kelley Wilkins


"Just wanted to send waves of abundant gratitude to you and our Spirit friends and family for a wonderful session.  I was gobsmacked with the information that came through which validated more so that we don't die; we just change form.  I miss my mommy so much that waking up each day without her is so painful, but you warmed my heart and gave me lots of hope that she's fine and in an amazing place.  Thanks for all the wonderful work that you do, you are saving lives.  You've given me hope and a reason to keep going on." - Jeanine Hage-Ali, (from Ghana)


"Because of Jeffrey I am overwhelmed with happiness knowing that my grandparents are okay and are watching over us even though they are on the Other Side.  Being provided a recording was priceless as it let me share my experience with my mom who was equally moved by the accurate information. Jeffrey's delivery was calming and nurturing and made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process.  I highly recommend Jeffrey -- and I know that I'm already thinking about the next time I'll go back!" - Tara G.


"I had the pleasure of doing a sitting with Jeffrey on June 22, 2016.  I was seeking information and comfort of the recent passing of my loved one.  Jeffrey knew nothing of this loved one and asked no questions of me.  He was very honest and up front from the beginning that he might not get "tuned in" to my loved one.  I was prepared.  He not only got tuned in, but gave me such specific information on who this loved one was, how he passed, and an hour of information that only I could know.  He was spot on.  This has provided me with such comfort and peace.  I look forward to reading his books and seeing him again.  If you are looking for some peace in your heart about someone in your life who has passed, I highly recommend you get in touch with Jeffrey.  Life changing in how I now deal with my grief." - Colette P.


"I want to thank you for the readings in West Seattle last Saturday.  It was my first and you spoke with (the spirit of) my father.  I have had such a deep sense of peace since!  It has felt like visiting my childhood home and being around family.  That feeling of rootedness and comfort.  I will forever be grateful for the experience and look forward to exploring more around this area of spirituality.  A window was opened, with new dimensions, perceptions, and possibilities.  That is a breath of fresh air in mid-life!  Thank you, thank you, for sharing your gift with us!" - Kristin Hansen


"As a fellow Medium and avid explorer or consciousness, I've scoured my local community to find others who share my thirst for knowledge. Often discouraged by the new‐age personal ideologies of others and the need to make all things 'spiritual' or 'magical' I began to grow disillusioned. Then I met Jeffrey. His extensive years of research regarding the true science and facts of consciousness was exactly what I was looking for. Although deeply spiritual myself, I still needed someone who could share my need for a more logical and acceptable approach to the power of our true human potential. Now a colleague and close friend as well as trusted advisor, I've found someone who present himself in a professional way that makes being psychic, spiritual, and consciously aware both acceptable as well as possible. Whether you're looking for guidance, information, or a connection to the Other Side, Jeffrey really has the ability to do it all!" ‐ Carol Geiler, Educator, Public Speaker, Writer & Medium


"Dear Jeffrey ... I would like to thank you again so much for the magnificent evening. I have never had
such a thrilling and inspirational Saturday night like that in my whole life. You are truly amazing. I'm
looking forward to having a psychic reading with all my friends and family in the near future." ‐ Carol H.


"I can honestly say that Jeffrey Marks has changed the course of my life. As an agnostic scientist, I have
long struggled with the nature of the soul and what happens to our energy when our physical bodies die, but wasn't forced to truly grapple with that until I lost my mother in December of 2010. In my grief, I
clung to the 1st law of thermodynamics that essentially states "energy can neither be created, nor
destroyed" ...and hoped that my mom was out there somewhere. But I still had so many questions; is she an entity? Where is she? Can she see me? Will she come back as someone else? Will I see her again one day? Jeffrey’s book, Your Magical Soul, helped me to understand the bigger (and better) picture of what the soul truly is and gave me hope that there is more to this life than … this life. There is so so so much more. Vastly more that most human minds can even conceive of. I was also given the great privilege to meet with Jeffrey and we were able to contact my mom on the other side. For a scientist needing “proof”, as sad as this will seem to most people of faith, I found what I needed (and much much more) in that interview and my heart has been filled with so much joy ever since. Is there a greater gift than that? Thank you Jeffrey. Thank you for sharing your gift and wisdom with the world." ‐ Gabrielle Pires


"My mom and I had a private sitting with Jeffrey. I need to mention that Jeffrey insists on the sitter
giving him as little information as possible. When he asked me a question, I would answer yes or no, but
without any additional comments or details. The sitting was incredible. Not only did dad come through
and have some very special messages for both my mom and me, but also my mom's father, who had
abandoned the family. Jeffrey also connected with two of mom's brothers, with very detailed
information about themselves and their relationship to her. Jeffrey received a strong connection with my
great‐grandfather who was very happy to talk about his beloved wife and about homesteading in
Nebraska in the mid‐1800's. The details were all totally correct ... This sitting exceeded all of my
expectations. Jeffrey is extremely professional and meticulous in how he approaches each sitting. His
attention to detail is very evident in how he goes about validating the information he is receiving. His
sincerity and calm, down‐to‐earth manner made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. The
accuracy of the information he provided made it impossible to have any doubt that he was in contact
with my family members. The comfort and peace that this experience has brought me is beyond
measure. I am so grateful to Jeffrey for sharing his incredible gift with my mom and me." ‐ Debbie K.,
Lake Stevens, WA