Eternal Life: It Is Not Just for a Chosen Few

This post has been coming for a while.  It has been dwelling up as I have sat by and witnessed the continued treatment of how extremists of religious faith treat those they deem as “less than” or “inferior” or “heretic.” One need only go to the “comments” sections of various news or blogposts regarding LGBT individuals (or other social issues) to see the ultimate hammer these fundamentalists use to bludgeon other human beings with: You will pay in the afterlife.  They often threaten with such phrases as “You will one day stand before God.  Are you prepared?” or “Every knee shall bow” etc., etc.  After the massacre in Orlando and still seeing these zealots shouting at the grieving LGBT community “God says it’s an abomination -- so you will go to Hell unless you repent” I find myself no longer able to stay silent.

Let me preface the rest of this admitted rant by speaking a bit to my background:  I am now approaching my 18th year of working with those in spirit as an evidential medium and reuniting people from all around the world with their loved ones on the Other Side; my ability to interface with the spirit world is something I’ve had since birth, and to which I continue to develop and get deeper with in each passing year.   It is also my 11th year of membership with the Washington State Ghost Society, collecting spirit evidence, EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), and having direct interaction with those in the afterlife from the locations we visit.  Everything I know is based on direct experience, interaction, and actually working with those who have died -- I do not base my opinions on what complete strangers wrote 2000 years ago from a time period where epilepsy was perceived as demonic possession instead of a medical condition, and where it was also believed snakes could talk and the origin of the first woman was a bizarre form of evolution stemming from a man’s rib.  Nope, I do not roll that way. 

What I (and several others like me) are engaged in is a modern form of spirit research.  Just as inquiring minds hundreds of years ago discovered that the earth is not the center of the universe, we have discovered that the ideas surrounding the spirit world espoused by the Abrahamic faiths are not the way things really are.  And it’s high-time to announce that the extremist believers can no longer hijack the spirit world to bludgeon their fellow human beings, based on these new understandings.  (Please note, I am talking about extremists.  I understand not everyone in the three Abrahamic faiths is so rigid or divisive). 

Here is the point I wish to make: Everyone Achieves Eternal Life


Because it’s a natural function of consciousness. 

Doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight.  Black or white.  Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, or Troglodyte. 

Old world religions would have you believe that eternal life and survival after death was only granted if you accepted their brand of faith and if you prayed to their particular idol (and with their own particular slant of the dogma as well).  With Christianity, the notion that a single individual is the “truth, the light, and the way” for every culture and person in history being able to live a joyous post-earth existence is not only incorrect, it is downright asinine.  That also goes for having to believe in Joseph Smith, Muhammad, and any other prophet.  Such thinking is akin to me declaring “This guy named Joe who stands on a street corner in a city far far away, who you’ve never met, is responsible for the blood running through your veins – you owe your life to him.”  Sorry, but the existence of consciousness, whether inside or outside of a body, doesn’t work like that.      

Modern spirit research has uncovered that our spirits and our subsequent survival is as natural as the air we breathe -- it is a part of who we are at the very basic energetic fundamental level.  Everyone.  Survives.  Death.  I’ve encountered homosexuals in the world of spirit who live in complete bliss on the Other Side – no torture or reprimand for their “lifestyle” at all; I’ve encountered the spirits of atheists who profess the wonders of spiritual survival and still acknowledge they are not beholden to any particular belief in a deity as believed here on earth. 

Again: Everyone.  Survives.  Death.

The other misnomer which modern spirit research has uncovered is that there is no such thing as Hell where people go to burn for eternity for their transgressions.  Once outside the frameworks of Time and Space, our spiritual eyes are opened and we see (perhaps for the first time) the ramifications of our actions.  This usually comes full force during the Life Review process shortly after passing, where one gets to feel and experience how they made others feel during their interactions in life, and the outcomes of such dealings – positive or negative.  Spiritual repentance is not doled out by some jealous or angry super-being, but by the internal recognition of imbalance from the Oneness of All Things (and the recognition of Love that is inherent in that union), as the Life Review viscerally demonstrates that we are all connected. 

Based on our continued research of interacting with those on the Other Side, those members of the Abrahamic faiths who wish to threaten the future of those they disagree with on a torturous afterlife are only lying to themselves.  Though they speak with absolute conviction, they do not know what they are talking about.  How could they?  Their belief system actually prohibits communicating with those in spirit; instead, they would have you believe such action was “communicating with the Devil” and that you were “being lied to.”  Their inability and unwillingness to question such fodder will forever keep them blind to the truth – just as trying to silence Galileo would’ve kept the earth the center of God’s universe.  It’s as if someone were applying for a job as a doctor in a major medical facility without having taken any courses on modern anatomy and physiology, because, you know, “bloodletting and leeches is what was said to have worked in the past.” 

So when it comes to trying to bludgeon people they do not agree with, these fundamentalists are quite UN-qualified to make an afterlife prediction.  What’s even more ironic is that they equally claim with such fervor that they know they are in union with a Holy Spirit.  Again, without studying the nature of the spirit world, communicating with those who have gone on before us, and really making an effort to understand the nature of our relationship to the Other Side and how communication works, they wouldn’t have a clue if they were dealing with a Holy Spirit or simply a Holy Delusion.  There is a favorite saying among the more evangelical: “The Devil’s greatest trick is making you think he doesn’t exist.”  It’s quite the opposite.  The trick is believing that such a figure is at all real, as it falls completely flat like a cardboard caricature when you try to place it within the framework of the afterlife as we have come to understand it.  The loving, nurturing, and healing environment of the Other Side has no place for such a one-dimensional character or the location he is claimed to inhabit.     

I grant that this post may offend some readers.  But enough is enough.  Threatening people with a horrid afterlife without having ever studied the Other Side is the epitome of hubris.  It is time that we stand up to the fanatics and declare that they can no longer hijack the afterlife for their own bigotry. 

Everyone is granted eternal life.  It is NOT for a chosen few.