You Are Boundless and Timeless

There’s a phrase that says “when one door closes, another door opens.”  The image conjures up a sense that somehow you are at the mercy of a string of corridors – much like a maze – and the success of your path will be determined by someone (or something) either allowing admittance into certain areas or flatly refusing your petition.


However, this may not at all be the case.  What if we were to discover that the doors were something we could open and close ourselves – or better yet, they were all simply illusions?


Modern day consciousness research is unraveling the boundaries of the soul and discovering we truly are beyond time and space.  Decades of tests with random number generators have indicated that people do indeed have influence over matter using only the power of the mind (which is also complemented by the ‘observer effect’ in quantum mechanics).(1)  Additional studies into the powers of intention have concluded we also have influence over events in the “unseen” future – and paradoxically – the already-observed (yet sometimes seeming randomly-generated) past, referred to as “retrocausality.”(2).  Results in other fields, such as remote viewing, distant mental healing, and other intention experiments, are yielding the same results: we are boundless with creative power.


On a fundamental level, these studies give us a glimpse of the universal truth that we are also eternal.  If our thoughts have the ability to impact both past and future from this very Now moment, then we are not bound by Time and thus are invited to view this amazing aspect of our beings.  Additionally, our eternal self is indestructible, as further demonstrated by a basic law of physics: energy never dies, it simply transforms.  What is consciousness if not some form of energy?  Some could argue that consciousness is the producer of vibration within energetic streams – that it is primary and may be the base cause of energy itself. 


On a much deeper level, when we consider the notion of energy never dying but only transforming, then we must consider that the energy of consciousness – your consciousness – has permeated the universe since the very beginning.  Think about that.  If the energy of the universe has always been at a constant and simply transforming from one form to another, then the energy of YOU and your consciousness has been here the whole time  And if we accept that consciousness is a creative power, and that your creative consciousness can affect both past and the future, it is quite plausible that you had a hand in all of creation, on some level – a totally mind-blowing concept!  Though you may only occupy a physical body for a measly 70 or 80 years on average, the energy of your consciousness (the base, primal foundation of you) has already surpassed that one lifetime by several eons.  When somebody says “You’re an old soul” they were not lying!


Your energy, your consciousness, your eternal self, has been around and may have participated in the birth of galaxies.  You witnessed the rise of the dinosaurs and the fall of ancient races.  Where will you be tomorrow?


This dimension that houses a momentary existence in a materialistic journey is but a small room in a much larger mansion – an eternal mansion from where the foundations of your spiritual identity has spent greater spans of your existence living in.  Deep down, you know what the characteristics of that greater mansion is like – loving, peaceful, boundless … Now wait, aren’t we boundless?  Yes, studies into consciousness are starting to bear this out.  Are we not also loving and peaceful?  For many of us, yes.  For others, they are still trying to learn how to walk and are just missing a few key elements in learning these truths (and when you have eternity and there is no such thing as death, you can bet on learning them eventually). 


When studies show the incredible, measurable effects we have beyond time and space and when we also factor in that our primary energy has been here all along (traversing nearly 14 billion years in linear time), it leaves us to wonder: perhaps we don’t live in a mansion created for us, but perhaps one created by us.  Since our intentions can transcend physical factors, then what must we fear when our final moments on earth come? 


In the theater of life, once the stage lights go down, the house lights go up and we return to the real world of eternity, where we have always been.  When one door closes, another door opens.  And through the power of our eternal consciousness (which we are now starting to uncover), we must consider the real possibility that we are the true gatekeepers and architects of the journey.  According to those in the spirit world who have reached back to us through mediumship readings and EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recordings, this is really the way it’s always been… and always will be. 


You were – from the very beginning – a perfect creation throughout all Time and all Space.  The universe literally wouldn’t be here without you.


Thank you for being here and helping to make it all happen.  What a blessing.


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(1) See Dean Radin's books "Entangled Minds" and "The Conscious Universe."
(2) See Russell Targ's books "Limitless Minds" and "Miracles of Mind" as well as Lynn McTaggart's "The Intention Experiment" and "The Field."