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An Evening of Mediumship - Edmonds, WA

  • Daylight Healing Center 7907 212th Street SW, Ste 101 Edmonds, WA 98026 (map)

The science of mediumship has been studied for over 150 years.  It is considered a natural function of consciousness that through training, practice, effort, and understanding can help us reunite with those who have passed into the world of spirit and offer us the truth that we do survive the physical body at death. 


Come experience what millions from around the world believe is incredibly healing and inspiring when it comes to the loss of our loved ones and the reality of our own mortality. 


At this amazing event, Jeffrey Marks will be your guide as he demonstrates the continuity of life and how mediumship bridges the gap between this world and the next.  Listen and be inspired as those on the Other Side bring through evidence of their survival with careful personal descriptions, touching life memories, recollection of important dates and other personal items.  What's more, they show that the bonds of love never die, as they bring through glimpses of what they've seen with friends and family still in the physical body since they've passed.   These events typically sell-out, so don't hesitate in reserving your seat today. 


Jeffrey Marks is an internationally recognized spiritual medium who has been working with families here and on the Other Side for nearly 20 years.  He has received double-certification of his mediumship through celebrity mediums James Van Praagh and Lisa Williams, and is also an alumnus of the world-famous Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship in England.  He is also an award-winning bestselling author of three books, including "The Afterlife Interviews" volumes I & II.  With warmth and wit, Jeffrey demonstrates that life and love lasts forever.


Note:  Not everyone who attends is guaranteed a reading.  This event may be video recorded.  By purchasing a ticket, you consent that if you receive a reading, your reading may be used as a demonstration of mediumship in advertisements or instructional videos, or any other platform, video, written or audio, conducted by Jeffrey Marks.


All sales final.  No refunds after purchase.  $30.00


What people are saying about Jeffrey's work:

 “Jeffrey has an incredible gift in connecting with loved ones who have passed over.   He connected with my mother, my sister and even my cat from the Other Side.  He said things that he would have no way of knowing; the nickname my mother used to call me as a child; how my sister passed; even two very specific things about my cat.  It was comforting to hear from my loved ones and the validation they are still with me.  It was an amazing experience!  Already planning my next reading.”  - Kelley Wilkins


"I had a reading from Jeffrey and he is fantastic!  It is a special gift and he has that gift.  He got to my grandmother and members of my family.  That was so cool.  I would recommend him highly to anyone wanting to connect to the Other Side."  - Peggy Johnson


"The sitting was incredible.  Not only did dad come through and have some very special messages for both my mom and me, but also my mom's father, who had abandoned the family.  Jeffrey also connected with two of mom's brothers, with very detailed information about themselves and their relationship to her.  Jeffrey received a strong connection with my great-grandfather who was very happy to talk about his beloved wife and about homesteading in Nebraska in the mid-1800's.  The details were all totally correct ... This sitting exceeded all of my expectations.  Jeffrey is extremely professional and meticulous in how he approaches each sitting.  His attention to detail is very evident in how he goes about validating the information he is receiving.  His sincerity and calm, down-to-earth manner made me feel very comfortable with the whole process.  The accuracy of the information he provided made it impossible to have any doubt that he was in contact with my family members.  The comfort and peace that this experience has brought me is beyond measure.  I am so grateful to Jeffrey for sharing his incredible gift with my mom and me." - Debbie Kirstein