It is actually a very simple process.  The client, referred to as the “sitter,” simply relaxes in a chair while Jeffrey moves his energy and awareness to blend with the energy of those in spirit.  Jeffrey first works to validate that a connection is being made based on the evidential information he is receiving.  This is the scientific side of Jeffrey’s work.  He will not continue a sitting unless he feels confident that the signal is strong, reliable, and sufficient to support the course of the sitting.  Once a valid connection has been made and security with the signal determined, further cross correspondence information is explored.

Unlike a classic psychic reading, Jeffrey takes his time in an effort to sift out “noise” in the psychic signal and drill down into the nature of the phenomenon.  Anyone who comes for a sitting, whether they realize it or not, are not simply receiving a reading, they are engaged in an ongoing study into the nature of psychic phenomenon.


A Breakdown of Information

Jeffrey perceives the spirits that come through as energy orbs hierarchically arranged around the sitter's body according to their familial relationship. Then it falls to the energy of the person on the Other Side to provide details that will allow the sitter to validate that Jeffrey is making a true connection.*

*Sometimes the spirit you want to hear from most may not be open to communicating with you at this time, but others inevitably show up.


A successful reading depends on the openness of the sitter. Communication is hampered when the sitter is too focused on receiving a specific piece of desired information or to hear from a specific passed person. This narrows the stream of energy flow, and may cause the sitter to lose out on receiving information. Additionally, a negative attitude or the desire to not be read will, of course, prevent the reading altogether. Therefore, please come with an open mind and an unattached heart.


Things Jeffrey Doesn't Do

It's important to note that the extent of Jeffrey's gifts will not address everything.  No psychic or medium can answer every question!  In considering a session, please be aware that Jeffrey does not do the following:


  • Fix people

Some people who go to psychics (or other types of counselors) expect a type of magical key or strategy to be revealed that will unlock the secrets of what they must do in order to achieve perfect success.  Bottom line: there is no such thing.  Jeffrey examines the energy and informs what may lie ahead in the perceived future and can present alternatives, based on the nature of the energy and the lifestyle/belief system of the individual.  There are no miracle cures.  Jeffrey says, “Life is a process and a journey; that path we can discuss, try to clarify and present possibilities, but there is no ‘perfect answer’ that wipes away all stress and anxiety or work that has to be done in improving one’s condition.  You can heal your life; I can’t do it for you.  But I can help you see things along the way that can aid in the process.”




  • Remove curses or hexes

Though this may have something to do with psychic phenomenon, Jeffrey chooses not to deal with these issues.  “Having connections on the Other Side isn’t going to help when you believe something like a curse or hex has power over you; deceased grandma and grandpa isn’t going to change that power or belief system.  This one is up to you and is ‘outside’ the realm of the psychic signal and deceased relatives that I work with.”  


  • Find grandma’s inheritance

Jeffrey believes that coming to a psychic for the sole purpose of finding the lost inheritance or other valuables negates the amount of energy and time for both the psychic and anyone on the Other Side who would wish to speak with you.  “If grandma wanted you to have the inheritance, you would already have it.  The people who come to communicate from the Other Side have much more important connections to make than worrying about the sitter’s financial gain at their energetic expense in trying to traverse the communicative bridge.  Now, if an item was already in your possession and you lost it by mistake, that’s a different story.  But if you never had it to begin with, don’t bother – you weren’t meant to have it.  Sad, but true.”


  • The “life mission” question

“What is my life mission?”  It’s an incredibly huge question and also a vague question that cannot be answered without more clarity.  Your life mission with what?  Your parents?  Children?  Career?  Emotional life?  Mental life?  Health of your body?  The overall life mission of every soul is to express and become More of what the soul is and its possibilities.  How you choose to do that will be as individual as the 6 billion people on this planet.  Most people feel the “life mission” question deals with a specific purpose.  Only you can define that.  Some people are meant to be great healers; some people are meant to be fantastic garbage collectors.  Neither do it because of the work itself, but because of what is being exchanged (energy) and the gains (value) being received and expressed.  You may have certain fields of endeavors that appeal to you, and these can be explored in a sitting in terms of energy and magnetics, but the “life mission” question itself is far too “wide open” to receive the type of specific answer that most people wish for.