The Most Important New Year's Resolution

Ah, the New Year is here!  As always, we start this season with the “New Year’s Resolution.”  For me, this year I am choosing to work on cultivating a more positive mindset.  On the surface, this sounds like a decent resolution – who wants to go through the next 12 months as a sourpuss?  But upon closer examination, there’s a series very valid reasons why each of us could consider this one of the most important endeavors to pursue.


First, let’s look at that sourpuss thinking.  Research in cognitive studies has demonstrated that coming from a negative mindset cuts off possibilities because it narrows focus.  The mind “spotlights” whatever the nagging thought/emotion/situation is, to the detriment of any other possibilities, and typically enlarges it.  It’s like the image is stuck upon the viewscreen of our minds, keeping all others at bay.       


Studies have also demonstrated that a more positive mindset offers a greater chance at objectivity.  Without having any particular item enlarged within our focus due to a negative reaction, it frees up our consciousness to allow other opportunities to be presented.  Moreover, when something undesirable does happen, when we are in a more positive mindset, we can view it with greater balance; that is, we can see a possibility as “less desirable,” but also be open to other possibilities that a straight negative mindset would completely block out.  And some of these other possibilities may be the solution to the challenge.


Wave/Particle duality within consciousness and the concept of magnetism.  There is a universal axiom:  Like attracts like.  As an individual, we are like a single electromagnet particle.  If we emit certain vibrations, we will harmonize with other frequencies at and near the same tonal frequency.  This harmony produces a “louder” chorus, thus more experiences within that vain (yes, this sounds like the Law of Attraction -- but hold on, this gets bigger).  This combination of harmonizing with other like-type frequencies demonstrates that although we might be like an individual particle, we also are part of a larger group, thus there is also a “wave” component to us.  We exist both as wave/particle beings of consciousness.  On the particle side, we are saying “I am vibrating at ________.”  This also gets projected through the collective consciousness which we are connected to (the “wave” portion of us).  The frequency picks up and adds to other frequencies of same and similar vibratory sets, which then get played back to us (Think of the “new car” phenomena… Where you start seeing all the cars on the roadway that are your new make and model). 


Now, also consider the notion of how this plays out in terms of influence from the spirit side of life.  We do not know how much the spirit world truly influences us – good or bad – but we do know that those on the Other Side do (on occasion) try to orchestrate events and inspire us into action.  I imagine it varies from person-to-person; that is, some people are more easily influenced than others, for whatever reasons.  Nonetheless, assuming that we are all capable of spirit influence to some degree (whether it’s so subtle as to not even be consciously aware of it, to the other extreme of knowing you are being influenced from outside your own mind), it’s reasonable to assume that this axiom of “like attracts like” may play a huge role.  If “spirit attraction” falls along this same axiom, then those spirits we attract would indeed fall under the same guidelines.  Though we might have a spirit team working on our behalf (our spirit guides), we may scuttle their efforts by also attracting a more negative vibrational set of entities.  Yes, we may have free will to choose, but this does not mean we are immune to influence and inspirational impressions from spirit people.  The latter statement is not to alarm; rather, just a basic reality of “wave interaction” amongst consciousness – whether living or deceased.    


Now, negative spirits may not be actively trying to coerce anyone into doing more for their own “evil” pleasure.  It’s not like there is a little devil on your shoulder poking and prodding you to become a card-carrying member of the damned.  Instead, because like attracts like, it’s more akin to “mob mentality” -- similar vibrations syncing and producing similar thoughts.  In many respects, we are tribal creatures.  We like to “hang out” with people of similar disposition (disposition: think “vibratory frequency”).  This “group think” produces encouragement/inspiration along the same lines.  Think of the caricature of the stereotypical prejudicial “red-neck” hanging around with his posse and how they sync and encourage certain beliefs and behaviors in tune with their tribal mindset.   (My apologies to anyone who might consider themselves a “red-neck.”  I am asking readers to think of the stereotype caricature, which may not represent your “red-neckiness” in any way, shape, or form.)  So if you’re in a “down state” and looking at the world through negative goggles, it is quite likely that there are spirits around you also at the same vibration, adding to the woe by not only agreeing with your energy (perhaps even attracted by it), but adding their own perspectives – thus contributing to a larger morass.  Since you are vibrating similarly, you may not know which thoughts/feelings are your own, and which are being added by the vibration of nearby spirits.  In the grand scheme, it really doesn’t matter – it’s a process of wave mechanics in operation. 


Due to the wave nature of consciousness, negative spirits may not even be intending to influence you directly, but instead the wave nature predisposes inclusion, and thus the added contribution of their frequency, thoughts, and emotions.  In this sense, all are effected to a greater degree.  It’s like a pool of water that gets added to, drop-by-drop, enlarging the puddle and encasing the conscious and subconscious areas of daily experience.


Now, if a negative attitude narrows mind and cuts off possibilities, imagine the effects of this in a “group think” energetic scenario.  It keeps the individual(s) trapped, or at least with few possibilities to break free.  No one is to blame, it is only the effects – the product of a type of natural law.  No one is pushing or influencing for other people’s downfalls, it is simply the result of the energy and what it produces.


This would also happen in reverse.  Here’s why the News Year’s resolution of trying to be more positive is so powerful a course to take.  Consider: if one were to switch to thinking (and feeling) more positive (even in the face of adversity or being uncomfortable), the vibration will collect even more positivity.  Like attracts like.  The wave function would attract more positive vibrations – spirits included – no matter what the situation.  Also, it allows for more possibilities to be made available mentally to the individual, as negative thinking creates a more narrow-focus.  It should be noted:  scientific studies also show that positivity creates better results in health, the heart, and outcomes in other areas of life. 


Though we may never think positively about a single thing we do not like (say, your job, if you absolutely abhor it), if we can generate a positive vibration “generally” and overall, this would inevitably bleed into these other areas and have effect.  That is, if we were to work on thinking and feeling positively on a more wider scale – essentially ignoring the particular item(s) that we are really negative about – the greater, more positive vibrations will “bleed” into the negatives and assist in changing them.  They have to.  Whatever is the predominant frequency prevails – Particle to Wave.  They flow back-and-forth.  The Particle contributes to the Wave, and the Wave also contributes to the Particle.  Like attracts Like.  This is why it is important to learn to think and feel positively more than negatively.


The group-think, since it is cumulative, can add up quickly.  A threshold can be reached, thus tipping the balance and creating a type of “quantum leap” within the body consciousness.  When it comes to attracting spirits, this can also be a huge help.  Higher vibrational spirits can inspire greater options, more possibilities, with potentially wider outcomes.  Moreover, they may have additional knowledge pertinent to why the frequency is so valuable and important to maintain; knowledge that, at present, has not been considered because the door itself hasn’t been open long enough to obtain it.


In approaching this new endeavor, it stands to reason that the process of moving from a more negative attitude to a positive will be uncomfortable.  Why?  Because it’s not “normal.”  But like breaking any habit, time is involved and results may not necessarily be forthcoming right out the gate.  In other words:  Get comfortable with being uncomfortable (yes, trying to be more positive can start out feeling uncomfortable – ironic, isn’t it?).  Just know that the journey will lead to a more positive outlook, thus vibrational frequency and what is magnetized into experience.  You’re having to change a magnetic polarity frequency; since you are dealing with neuropathways which (generally speaking) take time to break and re-pattern.


In the end, improvement and a better life cannot come from negative thinking and feeling.  The magnetizing forces actually inhibit growth and promote decay.  Yes, negativity can inspire change, but the word “change” itself within such context implies the need to switch from one extreme to the other, namely “negative” to “positive.”  However, when coming from such a negative mindset and the nature of a narrowed focus, the chances for true positive change become more of a number’s game at that point.  What are the statistics that the “change option” toward the positive gets chosen, versus remaining in the vibration and letting its wave carry you along to the next outcome based on its predilection?  Positive thinking and feeling carries much more value and much more potential.  This is not to say bad or negative things will not happen (they assuredly will), but how far the energy of such events and circumstances impacts the mind and Particle soul will be different; the longevity of such events will actually be shorter and the overall material/health impacts also lessened.   


So, yes, my New Year’s resolution of becoming more positive is not as airy-fairy as it sounds.  It is actual vital to better living.


How to achieve that?  I did find this on a website ( and it really resonated with me:


There are a number of simple exercises to implement into ones daily routine to practice and produce positive thinking. On a daily basis, try writing down positive comments in a journal or on a calendar that celebrate things that were enjoyable or goals achieved on that day. Make an effort every day to participate in enjoyable things, whether it is chatting with an old friend, listening to favorite bands, reading favorite authors, or painting. Display photos, trophies, certificates, or any evidence of success as a visual reminder to be appreciative. Think of a peaceful place – whether real or imagined – and mentally visit this place when feeling uneasy. Practice visiting this place so often, that it becomes an automatic response when experiencing moments of stress.

In addition, there are also these things:


1.       Meditate

2.       Be thankful

3.       Be Kind

4.       Take Time for Yourself

5.       Stress Less

6.       Talk Yourself Up


Accept the “wave” nature of your consciousness, and how the greater “like attracts like” law comes into play, whether with other living people or those spirits who we may be influenced by on the Other Side.