Building the Communication Bridge to the Spirit World

It’s in our lexicon.  When somebody passes, we say “We ‘lost’ him.”  We immediately feel their absence, as a part of our heart and daily experience of the world has been irrevocably altered.  We have taken the transition of a person’s soul and made it less about spiritual evolution and more about their disappearance forever marking our lives as being “less complete” without them.  To a certain extent, this is absolutely true.  When someone transitions, they are no longer accessible to us in the ways we typically interact.  In this sense, we have lost them.


But they are not truly gone.  If anything, we have “misplaced” them.  We have misplaced them only because they are no longer able to interact within the usual sense-forms that we associate within this reality – seeing them “out there” in front of us, hearing their voice, feeling the warmth of their touch. 


To me, our language is very much driven by our outer sense experiences.  Because we can no longer see, hear, and feel someone, then these exterior sense mechanisms naturally label the absence as being akin to “gone” or “lost.”  Since emotions follow thoughts and beliefs, as soon as we think “gone” we also feel that loss; we inform the emotional body inside us that the person has disappeared and we miss everything about them.


However, because life is eternal from the standpoint of our soul, we truly cannot die and our loved ones are still present and are able to interact through use of the Inner Senses.  Yes, we may have “lost” our usual modes of interaction when a loved ones passes, but death is not a finality and the nature of the relationship still exists and can evolve if the communication bridge is worked on.  Even better, the building of this bridge is not entirely up to us alone, those on the Other Side are helping.


Those in spirit feel the loss, too.  Perhaps even more especially so, since they know they are still quite alive and are aware, yet battling against a symbolic brick wall of everyone back here on earth relying so much on the outer senses for interaction.  In this way, they may feel the loss even more acutely -- they are screaming in our ears and we simply cannot hear them.   Like us back here on earth, they do not feel “whole” while we are separated by the veil.  In other words, the experience of loss goes both ways.  What’s worse, those in Spirit tell us that even though we cannot see them, they can to a certain extent see us, making the challenge of separation and communication even more biting.


So how do we “get them back” and help them reach us?  If we have only misplaced them, how do we find them – or allow them to find us?  How do we – both here on earth and the Other Side – regain some sense of communion, and thus “wholeness” again within our hearts?


I alluded to it earlier: the inner senses.  We have inner corollaries to our outer perceptions.  That is, we can see, hear, and feel on the inside just as much as we can on the outside.  We just need to cultivate these sense qualities and start using them.  Once these turn on, we can then be as a beacon for those on the Other Side to communicate, thus allowing the relationships with our loved ones to continue after they have transitioned.  Meditation is the first step.  We have to learn to “turn down” the outer senses and “turn up” the inner ones.  We have to learn the “how” when it comes to our focus.  How do we go from focusing “out” there to “in” there?  Meditation puts you on that roadway.  Yes, it takes time.  Yes, things can get “foggy” and a bit confusing (what’s imagination and what isn’t?).  But this is how we can keep our loved ones in our lives. 


Please know, as mentioned earlier the burden is not entirely on you.  As I said, those on the Other Side of Life miss you, too.  They are also working to build that bridge.  So while you are learning to turn your focus to the inner senses, they are also learning how to engage with those aspects of your consciousness in order to send their messages.  Like you, many in spirit wish to heal the sense of loss between the two realities – to feel whole again – and are working to make the link back to you.  Realize that it is a process; it does take time.  But when it comes together… Yowza!


Once that communication starts, so begins the healing *and* the learning. 


What is the learning?  That people truly do not die; they transition into a new and different state.  What’s more, this transition does not necessarily mean our relationship with them has ceased, but rather only how we communicate and interact with each other.  The relationship itself not only still exists, but because communication has been re-established (albeit in a different way than the usual outer sense methodology), it can still continue to grow and evolve, thus creating a new expression of wholeness within the hearts of all. 


As this becomes more of a practiced reality – afterlife communication via the inner senses each of us has – the sooner we can change our language (and thus beliefs) about death.  We will no longer believe that we have “lost” anyone; we just connect in a different way.  We will better accept the notion of “transition” versus “death” and will retain the sense of wholeness within our hearts.


It’s why both sides of Heaven and Earth are working together to build that bridge.  Have you started?