Song of the Soul's Expansion

Even after a harsh bout of deep snow and cold winter, consciousness still rebounds.  The strength of Life’s thrust is truly miraculous when we consider the obstacles often placed in the way – whether those obstacles were from nature’s own doing (two weeks of solid snow, thus endless shoveling), or by man’s construction (“Let’s put more pavement here!”).


No matter what gets placed in the path, the force of Life refuses to be hindered.  The plants come back to life; the flowers bloom and the grasses grow.  How often do we marvel over the weeds and dandelions that defy concrete in their quest to reach the light?


This is the power of Life itself – and it’s important to note that we are of this same energy.  What gives the plants the power to survive the worst weather in a decade, or to overcome at first what appears to be an impenetrable barrier, is also a fundamental characteristic imbedded within us all.  Life will have its way! 

The only thing that prohibits growth and steals our power falls to our own doubts and fears.  It is one of the unique qualities of certain species, humans in particular, which I have yet to see in other forms of life.  Our imaginations are able to paint the most dire picture of what could happen, then infuse such imaginary movie-making with its own powerful emotional soundtrack that we short-circuit ourselves from moving forward. 

Then the tug-of-war begins.  Because even though we doubt and fear, there is that other side to us that nags and demands, calling to acknowledge the very strength and power our fears are denying.  That call is the power of the Life Force crying for attention at the alter of your awareness, for it is the same power that causes a frozen flower bulb to burst open to Spring; the dandelion to crack through the concrete; the groundhog to emerge from its earthen slumber. 

When we take a close look at nature, it tells us that it is not only about surviving such struggles, it also about thriving and becoming more than what it was before.  Whether that “more” is in quantity, or in the case of natural selection, “quality.”  This is what life is all about!  So when it comes to examining our own personal journeys, what we have so far been calling the “force of Life” is also the Song of your Spirit.  It is the very same thing.  Now, the trick lies in the fact that consciousness can only be Itself, and what it currently accepts as knowing within Itself will be what is manifested for experience. 


Yet the tug-of-war is inviting us to acknowledge that there is MORE.  That is, to know thyself we have to risk the obstacles and reach for what we don’t tangibly know physically, but are being guided toward spiritually.  How can we do this when we don’t know what-we-don’t-know? 


Feel it. 

You may not be able to visualize something that has not yet happened, but you can feel it.  Feeling alone is a catalyst for energetic movement.  Emotion is energy-in-motion, thus volition.  The freezing weather did not stop all life from feeling its vitality, and such must be expressed!  Do the seeds know visually how they will grow and appear – or is it more likely they move by the feeling-thrust of Life itself without concern for outer appearances?  This I suggest is the challenge that we as humans face.  We are such visual creatures (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) that if we cannot see something, it isn’t real or is somehow “less” achievable.  We have become too reliant on a visual representation and forgetting that it isn’t simply an image that compels us, but rather the energetic emotional thrust behind such pictures.  (Even communicating with the spirit world requires us to feel the energy of the discarnates before a message can be received.)


So when the storms of life begin raging against you, and you find that you cannot visually imagine a solution, know that it isn’t an image that would necessarily supply you with a solution in the first place.   The expansion and growth of consciousness demands moving to a new “place” that has never really been materialized before, therefore an image wouldn’t be forthcoming.  In fact, one could argue that if you can visualize it, perhaps those images would only provide scant movement forward because true expansion must go beyond the known (recognized) horizon, where a new reality must surpass the memorized images of the past.


In this sense, visual images are connected to linear time.  Something new is more than likely going to be something completely unforeseen.  Who could have visualized 100 years ago what a cell phone would be and look like?  Probably no one.  Visually.  But feeling: that’s a different story.  100 years ago, you could still feel what it would be like to communicate and connect with another individual – and what it would feel like to do it instantaneously – but because cell phones hadn’t been invented, may not be able see exactly how it would appear. 


Here again, we can realize how feeling the outcome leads to an expansion of consciousness, which can then inspire previously unforeseen images to magically appear -- Perhaps not crystal clear (they may be nebulous), but so long as the feeling is understood, Life will find its way.  In this sense, feelings are not linear; they surpass Time, while images are a snapshot within it.  Until the feeling encompasses, the image cannot appear (that is, unless what you are wishing to express does already exist in this Time and Space, just not yet within your experience.  Nevertheless, the process of feeling first you might consider the initial gateway).


Feel the outcome you desire in Life as if it were already completed on an emotional level, because emotions are eternal – outside of Time.  Challenge yourself to go this route, versus struggling for some type of visualization.  


The cold didn’t stop the flowers.  The sidewalk didn’t stop the dandelions.  They desired to feel life.  To experience it is to feel it, to let it ripple throughout our energetic bodies.  Visualizing is nice, but Life is an energy-in-motion (emotion) sport.  In other words, the feeling of new growth and expansion precedes the visual; therefore visualization is not required.  Engage your inner energy, vitality, volition… The musical notes of your Soul: your feelings.