They *DO* Share Our Pain

It was a most unusual realization coming through from the spirit world during the course of this particular reading.  My sitter’s deceased husband was coming through, telling me he had “the child” with him; that someone in the immediate family had lost a little one.  My sitter confirmed that, indeed, their daughter had lost a child.  Naturally, such loss brings a torrent of grief with the parents and surrounding family members -- we would not expect it to be any other way, nor should it be. 


What made this message so profound was that the spirit communicator started relaying that even though the child was safe and with him in the spirit world, those on the Other Side also share in the grief those of us here are experiencing… and it is a literal sharing.  That is, they can feel the same intensity and thoughts that come with it, as if the loss were their own, regardless of them being in the living presence of the one who had just passed.  In other words, they are not merely sympathetic to our emotions, they are not merely observers standing by empathizing, they literally feel and are moved by the emotional whirlwinds as we are experiencing them.


I found this quite curious.  How and why, I wondered, would this be happening?  The day after the reading, I was pondering the implications of this message from the spheres of the spirit realm, then it suddenly hit me – and it is actually quite natural, when we think about it. 


When we pass we are given a Life Review (you also read about this in NDE literature), and in that process we are taught one of the most valuable lessons of existence: We are all connected and are One.  This education is facilitated by the process of the newly deceased having the ability to feel the inner emotions of those people they affected in their life – good or bad.  I would imagine this is one of the most jarring aspects of the Life Review – getting to feel another person’s emotions in relation to you.  Again, it highlights that reality of everything being connected; that separation is illusory. 


This Oneness explains “how” those in spirit are able to share in our pain back here with us.  At that spiritual level of consciousness-interconnectedness, physical disconnection no longer exists, so indeed they are able to feel our pain as if it were their very own.  To us, it is a very unique and intimate experience, going beyond just “understanding” and “empathetic observation.”  They do literally share our pain. 


Then we ask “why”?  I mean, if they have the ability to literally share in the depth of our sorrows, why would they do it?  Are they always feeling what we feel with us?  And if so, isn’t that rather burdensome?  Like an empath here in the physical world who takes on everyone else’s “stuff,” and gets really ill in the process, is that happening to our spiritual brethren?  Well, “no,” is the answer I have received back.  Like anyone, it is a choice – you can acknowledge but not necessarily hold onto or take ownership of the emotions, but because of the interconnectedness of all of us, it is a special mechanism of perception that really reveals the scope of another’s conscious experience.  It creates a whole new depth of understanding about this thing we call “life.”


As to “why” the answer is simple: It’s not just because we are interconnected, it is also because they LOVE US.  Again, they can acknowledge and not own the turmoil as we all have free will, but the willingness to experience it at such a deep level – feeling it as if it were their own – also speaks mountains to how much our loved ones in the spirit world do care for us.  They could be going on with their lives in the lofty spheres of the spirit realm and leaving us to our own journeys; they could remain as “simple observers” and opt not to feel the depth of the emotion and approach it simply from a state of logical understanding.  Yet because of this capacity to take on the emotions as if they were their own, they do share them with us … The power of the bonds of the relationship – that love – make it possible and it is something that makes that bond even more special, powerful, and valuable.


During this particular reading, my spirit communicator also hit home with this sharing of emotions by stating: You are never alone. 


Indeed.  Though we might feel alone inside our skin during trying times, though we might physically be alone while we are grieving and dealing with the struggles of life… That depth of Oneness literally makes our emotional experiences accessible, and those in spirit who truly care for us – in assuming those feelings within themselves – are, at that very moment, with us and inside us.  We are truly *loved* and are *not alone* by them.


P.S.  Since we are so connected at such intimate levels, those in spirit can equally partake in the joys we feel.  Take a moment and remember your bond with them, feel the love you have for them – and they will experience your depth, gratitude, and love deeper than what they could here on earth.  What a blessing!  What an affirmation of love, no matter what dimension we live.