Surrender to be of Service

The other day I was meditating on what it meant to be of service to others; to really help in people’s journeys – whether it be assisting in bringing closure and healing grief through mediumship, or just offering an ear and a quiet voice of perception to someone’s issues.  Naturally, those in spirit love to step in during these analyses and offer their own opinions -- which never fail to further guide and inspire the whole concept.  During this exploration, they emphasized the value of “surrender.”


Surrendering doesn’t come easy for most people (myself included).  In today’s culture, the notion of “surrender” can strike a deep psychological chord, as we often use this word in connection to battle (and do not most of us feel like we are in some kind of battle in our lives, whether physical, mental, or emotional?  How does it feel to say “I can only surrender to these conditions”?).  Additionally, to “surrender” makes us feel incredibly vulnerable.  In the act of surrendering, we often question whether or not we are abdicating a certain margin of safety and security.  In certain conditions and stressful events, I think we can all agree that this is a bonafide and legitimate concern.


However, surrendering as being an aspect of service to others is much different, according to those in spirit.  Very often – especially in a market driven economy – we focus on acts of service with a notion of getting something in return (preferably money).  Unfortunately, those in spirit tell us that such a vision is incredibly narrow and blots out so much more. 


When one surrenders to an act of being of service, it sets the ego aside.  This is very important according to those in spirit, as one’s ego – though of immense value – is not really the focus of why one engages in acts of service.  Indeed, to be of service is “to serve,” where the focal point is the recipient of the service and the benefits they might receive.  Moreover, one’s ego may not have all the answers.  Surrendering one’s ego in the process of service opens one up to receiving greater insights and possibilities through inspiration and intuition.  Acting simply from an egoic state (“I know what I’m doing”) can sometimes shut off those areas where these greater aspects of ideas originate. 


From the point-of-view of those in spirit, they report that being of service to others glorifies a cooperative union between yourself, the Universe, and the recipient -- and is quite expansive.  Serving through the act of surrender creates an atmosphere that contributes to the realization of “the Highest Good.”  This notion of Highest Good goes beyond the single concept of Self and allows for this aforementioned expansion – both personal and collective, which can be hailed as a “win-win” for everyone. 


In surrendering, several opportunities are allowed a chance to flourish.  For instance, it opens up the boundaries of trust.  In this sense, you give way for unseen possibilities to make themselves known, which in turn may create an even greater outcome than what was originally intended.  And the more you do this, the more you learn to trust the universe, as well as your own self, and the myriad possibilities which the egoic self simply cannot fathom or predict.  When one offers one’s talents and abilities with an intention of bringing growth, happiness, closure – whatever is needed – for another person’s journey, but has also surrendered to the intention of serving for the Highest Good (and not simply the Self), it gives permission for miracles to occur.  The ultimate outcome not only assists the recipient with what he/she may be looking for on their journey, but it also “ripples” outward and backward, and can give you an even greater measure of happiness and growth – far more than what the exchange of money could provide.    


Surrendering during the act of service gives access to a wider field of power, wholeness, and unity.  It can take us out of our analytical left-brain (that likes to parcel things up and put them under a microscope) and open us up to our right hemisphere – where the concepts of unity and wholeness find their playground.  It is in this unity where the greatest gift of being of service lives.  Ultimately, we hope our service is an aid to another; but what it really does is brings us together in unity. 


If you think about it, it glorifies what the Universe is all about.


The Universe favors no one and serves all.  It does not play favorites; rather it serves to advance all life to that Highest Good (whether we choose to accept that good or not is another story).  When we are in service to others – and indeed when coming from an aspect of surrendering to that act– we are as the Universe is… We are manifesting the Universal power and presence -- of Love.