The Effort for Spirit Communication

Whether we are the medium conducting the reading or the sitter who is receiving the message, one of the things we must keep in mind is that it does take effort for our loved ones on the Other Side to come through.


The process of mediumship communication is a blending of three energies: 1) The medium; 2) The sitter; and 3) The spirit communicator.  However, this is just a surface explanation.  Yes, it is the blending of these energies, yet it is also the concentration and focus of making the process function properly in order for the messages to come through.  In other words, though the energies might be blended, the spirit communicator still needs to concentrate very hard and sometimes “scream” at the top of their lungs in order to send the message into the consciousness of the medium.  Not because the medium isn't paying attention, but because there is a variance, a seeming dance - an energetic balancing act, if you will - between this world and the next while in the mode of sending and receiving information.


This first came to light back in the early 20th Century, when the deceased spirit of F.W.H. Myers communicated through several different mediums in order to prove to earthly scientists that he had survived death.  He had created an elaborate scheme of sending fragmentary messages through several different mediums around the world, which would not make sense unless all the fragments were combined.  Known as “the cross correspondences,” the many experiments led several researchers within the Society for Psychical Research to believe that Myers (and others) had survived physical death and successfully proven their continued spiritual existence.  


What was uniquely special about Myers’ spiritual interaction was that he had studied mediums while he was alive, as he was one of the founding members of the SPR.  This gave him the knowledge of the problems the earthly scientists were grappling with when it came to spirit communication.  So, from the spirit side of life, he offered this explanation regarding the challenges of communication: 


“The nearest simile I can find to express the difficulties of sending a message... is that I appear to be standing behind a sheet of frosted glass -- which blurs sight and deadens sound -- dictating feebly to a reluctant and somewhat obtuse secretary.”


In other words, the communication process from the spirit side of life does require incredible effort...  Concentration…  Deliberate intent…  And sometimes those on the Other Side are not sure if their messages made it through – if the medium picked it up properly and relayed it adequately.  (The comment about “obtuse secretary” was most likely because most of the messages at that time were being transmitted through automatic trance writing). 


Is it any wonder, then, that the communication process might make those in spirit *tired*? 


This actually happened within a session I did a few weeks ago.  I had the spirit-brother of my sitter coming through.  He dominated the reading for about 40 minutes, bringing through wonderful details of how he used to dress, his hobbies, favorite memories with the sitter.  But as time went on, I started to notice he was sending less and less information into my consciousness – the gaps between data points was getting longer – and that the sense of his presence was diminishing … It was then my sitter’s mother and father (who were also in spirit)  stepped in.  They were vibrant, fast, able to impress their messages very succinctly, with an excellent power of presence, just as the brother had done at the start of the session.  About 10 minutes later, the brother popped back in, feeling much more energetic than what he was before giving up the space to mom and dad.  When I noted this in my mind, he gave me a subtle impression that he had to step away; that he had tired due to such intensity of concentration to get his messages through, so mom and dad were standing by ready to focus their way in so he could take a much needed mental break. 


Sounds logical.  When you think about how hard it is for us to maintain a single thought with consistent intensity – we usually can’t do it for more than a minute! – can you imagine trying to do that for an entire mediumship session, to prove to your loved one that you’ve survived and are happy and still able to be a part of their life?  That’s some concentration! 


There is definitely a difference in frequency within the world that we inhabit and the spiritual realms where we go after we shed the body.  That frequency variance has to be taken into account when it comes to the communication process; a person’s thoughts must come with a level of intensity to move from one frequency layer to another, enough that it can be “grabbed” by the frequency modulation of the medium.  We must acknowledge the effort this must take.    


So when it comes to spirit communication, know that it is a focused and concentrated effort on the part of our loved ones now residing on the Other Side.  Some people in spirit will have a better time at it than others; some will be able to communicate longer, while others perhaps only for a few minutes. 


Nonetheless, what this continues to demonstrate is that putting forth such effort – to be present at the session and to blast thoughts through “a pane of frosted glass that blocks sight and deadens sound” – shows (once again) the immense *LOVE* that those on the Other Side have for us here.  It shows that love knows NO BARRIERS.