Can Psychic Work Affect Your Health?

Whenever I sit down for a reading, my mind and body have to go through a type of “ritual” before information finds its way into my being.  Usually a few hours before the scheduled meeting, my skin begins to lightly tingle, and the focus of my mind gently shifts.  I notice that I start to lose focus on things around me … And the closer the time gets to the actual event, it’s easy for me to feel “over stimulated” by everyday things – music, traffic, all that stuff.   


You know that feeling that someone is watching you?  All eyes are staring at you, and suddenly you’re on high alert?  Yeah, that’s what it feels like.  


During the process of giving a reading, the functions of the body are clearly affected.  If I have been suffering from a cold and battling congestion, stuffy nose, etc., during the course of the sitting, all of the symptoms disappear.  Headache?  Gone. 


Now, some would say this is an excellent way of staying healthy!  Feel a little sick, go conduct a reading! 


Actually, this may not necessarily be the case.  Yes, psychic energy might be aligning certain frequencies in the body and forcing toxins out prior to giving a sitting, but this may not be advantageous for the body over the long haul. 


We are all vibrating energy beings, and when we come into contact with psychic forces – in particular other people (whether dead or alive) – we expose our auras and energies to their frequencies.  This exposure is unusual in terms of our typical sense of communication and integration of energy information.  Our normal route of communication is through verbal speech, mental symbolism from the talking, and then integration.  The amount of psychic or spiritual energy transmitted between a typical conversation is negligible.   However, psychics and mediums have to open themselves up – their bodies and their auras – to much more.  The energy has to (in a sense) invade the space in order to excite the psychic’s perceptive mechanisms and transmit the message.  The entry into the auric field and body definitely can have its consequences.  Here, you will typically come across the notion of “putting a bubble around yourself” or “see yourself in white light.”  Though these protective techniques might help, let’s face it – the energy still has to mingle with the psychic on some level, and this will have consequences.


People always ask me after groups or long 1-on-1 sessions how exhausted I must be.  It is true, especially after groups, that my mind becomes a mush and within an hour my body will become heavy and in need of deep sleep.  And certainly, before doing anything the next day, a good long hot shower upon rising. 


So is it possible that doing psychic work can affect your health? 


I think the real question is:  How could it not?


That’s why it’s very important to honor the time AWAY from readings just as much as being within them.  As best we can, get the rest and relaxation that allows the physical body to recuperate, as well as our minds to re-adjust to our “home base” reality.  As I’ve heard other mediums say “If you’re always out in the ethers, you’re no earthly good.”  We do have a life to live here in the physical world, so to always be “on” is not only *not* recommended, it will severely test the body’s stamina and immune system. 


The more we can do to stay healthy, eat right, get good sleep, the clarity that brings within the body also carries over into psychic work.  It is a relationship -- a back-and-forth of energy and information going *THROUGH* the energy systems of the body.  If you burn it UP, you will burn OUT.


Pace yourself.

Take care of yourself.

Be joyful.