What If My Loved One in Spirit has Reincarnated?

It’s a question I get asked at every mediumship demonstration.  “What if my loved one is no longer in Heaven, but they have reincarnated back on earth?”  When we review Time from a linear perspective, this question is a logical concern.  We perceive reality moment-by-moment, where the “present” disappears into a perceived “past” and the “future” has not yet opened up to become an experienced “Now” moment.


However, we have been told by those in spirit – and which subsequently is now being confirmed by theoretical physics – Time does not flow in the way we think.  The general consensus is that it is all Simultaneous (sometimes referred to as “eternalism” and similarly “B-Theory” of Time).  Indeed, one spirit has responded on my voice recorder that Time was literally “All wrapped up.”  What this means is that the Past, Present, and Future are all happening simultaneously and interactively. 




Admittedly, this can be hard to conceptualize… So I’ll do my best here to give an example, then apply it to our loved ones in spirit – and why they will always be there when we ask for them.


The best example is the very words you are reading here on your screen.  As an observer, the first thing you notice is a whole page of words… words, words, words… Yet in order to comprehend them, you have to read them one-by-one, going from left of the screen to the right.  This, as an analogy, is how we interact with the perception of a Time “flow.”  Your awareness focuses upon one word at a time (pun intended) as it moves across the line.  That “word awareness” is the present, and as soon as you move to the next word, the previous “falls behind” with another word waiting to be perceived fully “in the future.”  However, the whole line – and indeed the whole page – is all right here simultaneously.  The words are “happening” at once, yet focus and observation must allow for “extraction” in order to engage, comprehend, and learn.  This is what the nerve structure of the physical body was created to do, when it comes to engaging physical reality and events.


Now, how does this apply toward the nature of spirits and reincarnation?   Do we not have credible reincarnation cases that show the transference of a soul from one time to another?  Yes, there are many.  However, those in spirit also tell us they do not exist “within Time” as we do.  That is, they are “outside time” similar to how you can pull your attention off a single word from a line of text and view the whole page simultaneously.  What this means is that our loved ones in spirit always have a life in the eternal “block” time universe.  They haven’t disappeared and theoretically will eternally be there. 


So how do we account for reincarnation cases?  If we keep with our analogy of words on a page, it again comes back to awareness.  You can jump all around a page… reading from the top two lines – then occasionally skip a few paragraphs and move to another section.  In terms of Time, this means that awareness of the soul has focused on different Time periods (different paragraphs in our analogy).  The act of focusing requires a lens to view, thus a new “body” with a nervous system for proper focus/filtering gets created.  That person, that focus, that lens – just like the words on a page – has its own vitality and existence, and is therefore eternal in its own right.  This means that we are a member of many, thrust into physical reality from a greater source, or “Oversoul.” 


You can think of this Oversoul like fingers on a hand.  As your hand is used to grip and grab using your fingers, the Oversoul’s fingers are its many incarnations into the physical universe through the illusion of Time in order to “grip and grab” experiences, lessons, and life. 


Right now, you can look at your hand and see all five fingers – Great!  This is the nature of spirit and Oversoul from a non-linear simultaneous Time perspective.  Yet that changes when the need for focus on grabbing physical experiences happens … We “block out” the other fingers (and thus the other Simultaneous Lives) we are a part of.  Again, this is a result of the nerve structure of the body in its design to create a moment point for the nature of living life in this realm, with a certain type of focus “into Time.”


So when it comes to the question “What if my loved one has reincarnated?”  The answer is rather two-fold.  There may be another “finger” that is existing on the physical earth plain having a life experience and feeding it back to the “hand,” and may occasionally gain glimpses of “previously read pages” and can legitimately claim “That was me.”    However, the other finger – the loved one you shared your life with – is still there; he or she has not disappeared, and is still very much themselves and watching … Albeit from a greater “page perspective” than a line-by-line focus.


P.S. So how does Simultaneous Time square with free will?  Are we wedded to a particular fate that we cannot escape?  Not at all.  We are multidimensional.  All the words on the page… we write and control.  That is, you can rearrange the words.  Imagine your page contains all the words in whatever language you speak… As your consciousness goes line-by-line, you “grab” and “rearrange” them to tell your own unique story.  This also means that as you are writing and reading, you have the capability to edit.  That is, you can change any words anywhere on the page – meaning the Past and Future are not hard-bed reality; they are moldable and flexible.  Remember what that spirit said in my voice recorder?  “It’s all wrapped up” – hence Time is interactive within itself.  You may retain memory of a word you had read before and a direction of where your unique plot was heading, but since you are the author, you do have the ability (and right) to change any of it, Past or Future.  I could write a whole other post on this.  Suffice it to say, experiments in physics have also borne this out.  The past is changeable, the future is not yet written… A decision simultaneously has impacts in both the Past and also the Future.  The simultaneous nature of reality reveals that life is truly more of a ‘multiverse’ plurality… Fluctuating and alive.  Ah!  The glories of Spirit!