Communication Throughout the Seasons

This last Friday I was a guest on the radio show “Lift Your Spirits” with my good friend Dena Marie.  During our conversation she asked if I agreed with the notion that at this time of the year the veil to the Other Side is “thinner” than usual.  It’s a good question.  Just as the change of seasons affects the life cycle of the environment – trees losing their leaves, various animals going into hibernation – could these seasonal alterations affect the energy between the two worlds?  I really don’t see why not. 


But there is an even greater factor involved here, more than just the changing of the seasons, which does affect the connection between earth and the heavenly spheres.  And that is simply thinking more about our loved ones in spirit. 


Those on the Other Side have told us that they can “pick up” on us when we are thinking about them.  That is, as soon as you start recalling memories of special times past – those holidays, birthday parties, the time when you all went hiking or camping together – the energy of your emotions wrapped up with those thoughts sends a unique “transmission” where the person in spirit knows they are being remembered.  What’s more, when you intentionally reach out to them through meditation or prayer, that’s like a knock on heaven’s door.  “Bang!  Bang!  I’m talking to you!”  It grabs their attention.  And like you, they will send their loving thoughts in return.


This raises an interesting question.  At this time of year, is this notion of a “veil” thinner by virtue of the changing seasons or by the mere fact that people believe it is thinner, and therefore those thoughts are producing greater conditions for spirit contact? 


I personally believe it is the latter and not the former.  Spirit communication can happen at any time, and it’s been my experience (as well as other mediums) that the quality of readings isn’t that much different from season to season, at least in any type of dramatic way (the same cannot be said for phases of the moon, however).  Those in spirit also tell us we create the conditions of our reality based on our thoughts.  “Thought is Law” a spirit opined through famous Boston medium Leonora Piper in the early nineteenth century – heralding a concept which would later take hold from evolving philosophers as “New Thought” and the “Law of Attraction,” though these didn’t come out until decades later. 


In essence, the ability to connect with loved ones in spirit may be easier for some during this time of year simply because they harbor the belief that the veil is indeed thinner.  It’s a thought … and the thought produces the conditions.  Plus, as we come into the holiday season, our minds inevitably reach back to those who we used to share holiday celebrations with, but who are no longer with us.  That, too, calls spirits closer - ergo, some of the fog between the two worlds dissipates.


However, I am here to tell you – and I think those in the spirit world would agree – our loved ones on the Other Side are near and dear all year round.  Given the right state of mind, the correct amount of openness within our consciousness, and the belief that it is indeed possible, we can initiate communication not only on All Souls Day (November 2nd), but also Christmas Day, New Years Day, Valentines Day, Memorial Day, and any other day of the year. 


That is the power of Love. 


Yes, we may perceive a type of “veil” or “sheer” between the two realities because those in spirit are in a frequency range of vibration that is faster than our own.  However, I don’t think their speed “slows down” at this time of year, but perhaps maybe ours – by thinking about the Other Side and believing more in the ability to touch it in some way – speeds us up.  As celebrity medium John Holland likes to say “They are only a thought away.”  


So as we go through these seasonal changes, know that your ability to communicate with loved ones on the Other Side is great.  Then realize, that bond – no matter the time of year – can never be broken.  Love, like the spirits themselves, transcends time, space, and any kind of environmental conditions.  It’s what the Universe was made from.