Wishing You Were Here ...

So there I was in the process of giving a message from a loved one in spirit to a client, when the spirit communicator hit both me and my client over the head with an amazing epiphany.  It’s one that I think is appropriate in sharing, especially as we are in the holiday season – the time of year when oftentimes the loss of a loved one burns deeper. 


No doubt, our celebrations would be much lighter and more fulfilling if those we’ve lost were here with us, sharing in the events.  Now, of course in spirit they ARE here, and during readings will sometimes make comments of what they saw during the celebrations, such as “You burnt the turkey” or “So-so came and you were really surprised by their outfit,” things like that.  But once the holidays are over, we are faced with going back to the normal day-to-day march of life and the all-to-familiar sense of loneliness which may surround it.  It can make it difficult to go out and find joy –- trying new things, taking a vacation, finding that thrust of life again.  Indeed, we often think our adventures would be much better if our loved ones were still physically beside us sharing the journey.  No doubt, this is would be true.  Yet, those on the Other Side insist that we do go on, and continue to have fun, and enjoy our lives despite them not physically being present.  Not because they are there in spirit, but also because – and here’s the kicker – they are experiencing something similar on the Other Side.


My spirit communicator in this particular reading explained that just as we would like to continue sharing our earthly experiences with our loved ones who have passed, those on the Other Side would love to be able to share their new adventures with us in the spirit world – yet they, too, must learn to experience them without us being present with them, in a way that is somewhat parallel to us.  The way my spirit communicator explained it was (paraphrasing) “I would love to share my journey here with you, but I can’t because you are still focused on the earth plane.  This means I must continue forward on my own, find the joy in it, and experience it alone, just as you have to do.  The situations are not all that dissimilar.” 


This realization was a true whopper.  Yes, just as we would love to continue sharing our earthly journeys with our deceased loved ones, they also wish they could be sharing their spirit journeys with us.  In a sense, the separation between our two realms requires a grieving process for both parties.  We certainly don’t know all the nuances of the Other Side, but my spirit communicator felt it important to note that those in spirit must continue living on without us (in some sense) just as we must do without them, so there is a mutual feeling of grief though this type of separation. 


It was also noted that, indeed, from spirit’s point-of-view, they are more aware and connected to us here than we are of them, but this does not negate the fact that they miss us (just as much as we miss them) -- and would like us to be beside them as they are journeying new landscapes and gaining new UNearthly experiences.  Imagine going through something truly magical within the landscape of the Other Side, but having to do it alone with an inability to really share it because the nature of the two realities creates too much distortion? 


In this sense, grief – and the process of healing and moving forward with life – is nearly identical from this dimension to the next.


Know that as you move through the holiday season and into the New Year, your loved ones in spirit are sharing in the celebrations and day-to-day living with you as best they can… and that they, too, long for you to be near them as they continue forward with their lives.


We all long to be together, no matter where we are.


Happy Holidays.