It's Okay to Disagree; It's Not Okay to Hate

Since the election – no matter who you voted for – it’s become ever clearer just how divided we are as a country and a people.  Now, our country has always had protests and civil unrest.  I wasn’t around during the tumultuous Civil Rights movement, nor did I get to see all the protests surrounding the Vietnam War, but suffice it to say, our history demonstrates we have a knack for venting our frustrations.  There’s nothing wrong with this.  But I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that once we start to “hate the opposition,” the chance for any kind of reconciliation dramatically lessens.


In this month where we celebrate Black History, Valentines Day, and the birth of two presidents who truly brought liberty to this nation, how discomforting it is that we are at odds with what this season is all about… and are at each other’s throats.  Friends are un-friending each other from social media sites; some families have disowned family members because of how they voted.  Whether Republican or Democrat, it doesn’t matter.  Each side has their reasons for their actions and even their outrage – whether those partisan beliefs are correct or mere imagination I am not here to debate – but I do wish to point out a fundamental result of all this struggle: Destruction. 


When you begin to see your “opponent” as an evil force requiring to be stamped out, idiotic (whether they truly are or not), or even worse having a deranged mental condition (“liberalism is a disease” as I’ve seen repeated ad nauseum on message boards), you shut down any chance of coming together.  Indeed, you have erected a wall for which no discussion, negotiation, much less an olive branch of potential change, can occur.  Let’s face it, when seeing somebody as “diseased,” you aren't interested in any opportunities for collaboration.  This type of division (whether on the Right or the Left) will continue to grow the seeds of distrust, fear of what potentials the other may enact, and ultimate hate.  However, it is imperative to realize that in the long run, “Us versus Them” mentality will never – ever – bring unity.  History has shown us, it never does.


Plus – it doesn’t work in a universe where all things are connected; though you might be separated by the psychological machinations of your own mind, the Life Review process after we die sears into our consciousness the Oneness of us all.  To hate another is to hate ourselves.  This is one of the many reasons we have a life in the physical world – to work through these differences and come to embrace this Oneness.  To truly move forward, we must accept that we are connected and acknowledge that, deep down, such divisions only harm us and keep us from advancing.  This is not to say we stop marching or protesting – sometimes it is required of us to raise our voices when we see potential dangers ahead - where we might regret what is to come because it could hurt us all.  But keep in mind, others do not see the future as being wrought with such danger.  Here’s where the clash begins.  Nevertheless, our conscience demands that we shine a light where we see darkness looming, no matter what side of the political aisle we may be standing; America is about All of Us, not a chosen few.  I think the voters of both parties can at least agree to that basic tenet.  It’s when we start spiraling down to labeling each other in the most derogatory ways – creating divisions and further “choosing sides” – that we forget our essential Oneness and the real healing properties that can come from it.


In a nutshell, what we are dealing with is Fear.  The Right fears what the Left would like the direction of this country to go; likewise, the Left fear what the Right may be doing, now that they have the reins of power.  However, a wise president once said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”  If political parties wish to use fear as the motivation to stoke their base (and I believe both parties do), then they are ultimately contributing to making America worse (and not “great” by any stretch of the imagination).  Fear does nothing but erode people’s minds and emotions, invites confusion, dissension, and that road only leads to ultimate destruction.  Yes, we must highlight those policies which may cause great harm; but at the end of the day, brandishing others as “diseased” or “uneducated morons” will not move any of us forward and serves only to hasten and widen the divide.  And it denies that fundamental spiritual reality of all things being connected and One. 

So how can we better come to this sense of connection? 

By remembering what this journey is really all about:  LOVE.  It’s what this MONTH is about.  Whether you’re far right-leaning or far-left, or somewhere in-between, we all Love… Our families and friends, our companion animals, and so many other wonderful things… And do I dare say, Liberty as well.  We all would like to live our lives on our own terms – is that not the definition of Liberty?  These are things I believe all Americans have in common.  It’s when we believe OUR WAY is the ONLY WAY and we must ENFORCE IT UPON OTHERS (enslavement) is where the breakdowns begin.  It’s when we start taking freedoms away do we risk alienating ourselves from others.  It’s when we feel these very basic things (Love, Friendship, Liberty) may be thwarted is when we move into the mode of fear, protectionism, and lashing out: the seeds of destruction.  We must ask: Is this where we want to go as a nation?  Is this where we want to go within ourselves as well as with the other countries around the world?        


I don’t have (and would never claim to have) the answers on how to manage or get through this struggle with our fellow Americans.  All I know is that we are connected, all the way down to the quantum level;  we all come from the same Source, we all are Spirits in a physical journey working through to the lessons of Love; therefore, separation and division is counterproductive and a real definition of “Alternative Truth.”  Labeling others in an “Us versus Them” psychology only works to further divide this nation and will destroy it…


It’s Okay to Disagree; It’s Not Okay to Hate.

We have nothing to fear but Fear itself.


If we can come together through the foundations of Love and Liberty instead of “Us versus Them” – what an amazing country this could be.


Keep shining that light.  What is dark always dissipates in the brilliance of the sun.


No coloring books needed.  No safe spaces.  Just the power of Oneness and recognizing – at our core – we all are after the same things. 


P.S.:  I understand that at times, it becomes incredibly difficult and seemingly impossible not to want to label, lash out, and try to convince the “other” of just how wrong and stupid they are.  I get caught up in it myself (and will most likely continue to do it in the future; I’m not perfect).  But the reality is… Oneness.  Let us contemplate that Truth… Perhaps such contemplation will ignite an epiphany, thus inspiring radical new solutions which then point us in the direction of the changes we are really looking for.