Eternal Love - From our Animal Companions

So there I was, delivering a message from a man in spirit to one of the ladies attending the home group when I saw in my mind a dog leap onto the couch and sit next to one of the other participants.  It was so unusual – spirits don’t typically interrupt another spirit while in the course of a message, but then again, this a was an animal.  When I mentioned it to the young girl who the dog had sat next to, her eyes immediately filled with tears.   The beloved pet started showing his companion to me as a young girl and that she was holding a pickle.  Of course, I started wondering “Pickle?  What’s the pickle about?”  As an evidential medium, we don’t always understand the images we are shown, but know they are not given arbitrarily, so I stated “He’s showing me a pickle.  What’s up with the pickle?” 


They say sometimes it’s the little things that are huge… In this case, yes, “pickle” was massive.  The young gal’s mom was also in attendance and was able to relate.  “When she was a little girl, she would walk the dog around the house, all the time holding onto a pickle.  The pickle juice eventually ruined the floor!”  In other words … her dog remembered not only her walking him, but holding the pickle while doing it!  It was a great piece of evidence to show that the dog was really coming through from spirit, and just what memories our pets retain.


It was an incredible reunion.  What really impacted me was when it was all over.  The young lady approached me and informed that while she was driving to the session, she was thinking to herself that she really didn’t have any relatives on the Other Side she was driven to hear from – rather, she wanted to hear from her beloved dog.  It was clear, her pet got the message. 


What this reading demonstrated was that our beloved animal companions in spirit are just as bonded and connected to us from the afterlife as they were when they were alive.  Love between species – just like our friends and relatives – also never dies. 


Cats have come through from spirit as well.  There’s been a few in readings, but the most impactful was an objective vision of my own cat a few years back.  My black cat, Ms. Kitty, passed away some years ago.  We had been through many life-changing events together in our early life, so there had always been a special bond.   

One evening as I was rounding the staircase in my home, I literally saw Ms. Kitty peek out at me from one of the steps.  At first, it caught me quite off-guard, as it appeared she was physically right there.  She only materialized for a brief one or maybe two seconds, but it was clearly her. 


As a medium, I quickly turned my “spirit-senses” on and was flooded by the sensation of her personality… and the incredible whirlpool of love she was sending my way.  It stopped me in my tracks, more so than the image.  That brief few seconds of momentary spiritual reunion was astounding and deeply emotional (I remember I had to hold back from weeping). 


Our beloved animals, just like our human relatives, survive physical death and live on, as well as still retain their bonds with us.  What’s more, with effort, they can communicate their love back here to us.  And why not?  They are our extended family, and we are theirs.  It’s a beautiful thing.


On several occasions, I have noticed certain people cry more for their animals in spirit than what they do over their deceased relatives.  I remember a reading where more tears flowed over the memories and spiritual reunion with a couple of parakeets than for the relative that came through at the beginning of the session.  Though on the surface that may seem somewhat humorous, beneath it goes to show how deep our connections can and do go.  And that is a two-way street. 


We love our animal companions, and they certainly love us.  I have heard (and believe myself) that when our pets pass, they remain close to us here because we are their family.  And what’s more, when we are giving love to our other pets that are still alive, those that have passed over also feel that love and continue to consume it as their own, knowing that they are still connected to us from their place in spirit.


So know that if you have lost a beloved animal companion, they haven’t left you.  They are indeed right beside you and that bond still remains strong.  Love the animals, and that love transcends to all the animals in your life … It never ends; it is eternal. 



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